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A Year (and a career) in Review

The time has finally arrived for me to sit back and contemplate the previous year (2016) and in doing so I have gone on to look back further into the last three to four years I have spent working away at a career as a painter.  I think that I will be somewhat therapeutic but also greatly beneficial to those who also follow my career, and who have done since I started fully pursuing my dream in 2009/10, who want to know a little more about the apparent twists and turns evident in my artistic approach specifically in the last two years.  This post is going to be my attempt to fill you in with a short bio on why my style of painting has changed and some of the thoughts and events that have occurred to lead me in this direction.

Nevermore; the Raven 2 (RED II)

‘Nevermore; the Raven 1’ 2014  Oil, acrylic, charcoal, chalk, colour pencil, spray paint and paint pen on board.

Shades of Gray, Work in Progress

Upon looking at my work from 2014 I even myself have noticed what a dramatic change there has been in my technical approach, there is not a simple reason for such a thing but more of an accumulation of thinking and feeling differently about my own place in the world and in relation to art.  If I am to try objectively however, to explain such a thing now in 2017, with the heightened perspective of time, the main reason for turning my hand away from the ‘Whiteley-esque’ approach and the inclusion of a lot of abstract elements; towards a far more basic traditional direct approach is that I felt it was necessary to have a strong technical foundation in being able to paint the figure.  For all of my paintings until 2015 I had being relying heavily upon having a good foundational basis in drawing the figure.  I was confident that I could draw the figure well, however I did not have this same confidence with regards to painting, and thus this actually led to my feeling insecure about this perceived weakness in my work.  So I set about teaching myself how to painstakingly learn to paint a face, and the figure in likeness to reality, that when I might return to my orignal method of composition that I would do so with a full confidence in my ability.



Its also around this time in later 2014 that my living arrangement went from being quite comfortable to then becoming rather hectic with the addition of a housemate heavily involved in drugs etc, something that I myself have had long struggle with personally (but have largely overcome), and although at first it was not apparent, this persons behavior came to have a great effect upon me.  Having more chaotic surroundings led to subconsciously trying to make more honed, clearer work.  A lot more could be said about this period but it had a major effect upon my own relation to my work, the decision to knuckle down and teach myself the method of oil painting figures was also further re-enforced through my strong effort over 12 months with the help of my doctor to slowly be weaned off a particular medication that I had been taking for four years.  This made me very unwell for the entirety of those 12 months.


All this leading into 2016 and it became time to wrap up the traditional element by completing a large piece totally in oils, thus you have the painting ‘Waking Fate’ a work that came to represent my battle with sickness and chaotic surroundings.  Subsequently due to the chaotic behaviour from this person I was also evicted from my residence, and had to find another place to live very quickly.  I did find a new house, new studio etc, however unfortunately being in a state of relative vulnerability at the time, this led to me basically moving into another similar situation although it did appear to be potentially more peaceful from the outset. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to merge these newly learnt techniques with my original idea of composition. And my completely traditional work did not meet with positive reviews unfortunately.  There were certain months where I was pulling my hair out and just simply not having any luck but then I started drawing again, bringing in my new techniques and re-working old ideas, and finally it all seemed to start to click.


By November 2016 I had to up and leave the 2nd residence too, so now I am back with family and looking to focus and catch up on living in a peaceful environment, now, finally a place where I can work upon re-unifying what I have learnt about figure painting, with the more unique and original method of abstract composition I was working with in 2014 – 15.  I am now more confident in my ability than ever,  I guess that really this twisting and turning of artistic approach has really been driven by insecurity.  Every time I sell a painting I feel an enormous responsibility to be a genuine painter, someone who really makes a true effort to give the viewer a piece of my soul, to really have suffered and lived every moment that works towards creating that piece.  To have genuine technical ability to carry out the whims of emotional expression is paramount to me, and I now feel confident in my ability to present people with artwork that speaks in that manner.


Thankyou to all those who have continued on following and supporting my career, this dream of mine is further and further growing everyday and I feel so blessed to be able to carry it out.  I hope for those that get the time to read my short bio above, that by no means is an exhaustive explanation, understand a little further why the necessary breaks and transitions in my approach.  Now looking forward into 2017 be prepared and excited to see paintings that are bold, evocative and originally exciting, similar yet far better than those you saw in 2014.  One thing that rings true is that I am for certain dedicated to pushing forward no matter what obstacles lay in front of me.

Kind regards (ps: look out for my next post, I will share newest pieces from late 2016)

Jared Fountain.


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I think it would take too long to write about everything I’ve been doing in the time that has lapsed since my last post. I have managed to move into a completely new studio, situated on farmland in regional Queensland Australia, just outside the city of Toowoomba. It’s a beautiful place & I hope to share that with you in an upcoming video interview I’m doing for ABC Open, shooting is Monday 7th of September, stay posted. Other than that, I will let the pictures do the talking.

If your reading this; thank you so much for your support, and I’d like to ask you to keep your fingers crossed for me as I await to hear if I’m a finalist in this years Darebin Art Prize in Vic. Also as the deadlines for the Paddington and Hawkesbury art awards approach later this month.



Jared Fountain



image image image image image image image image image image image image image image

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New Works

Just a little sneak peak at a project I’ve been working on……




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New Series RED II

I have decided to put underneath the exhibition section of the blog site a new series which I am still currently working on to hopefully give you a great preview of what the entire series will be like and what my next solo project will involve, so please check it out, and I hope you enjoy!

Jared.  (PS:   I am also including a self portrait series underneath the exhibition section as it has been something I have also been having a lot of fun with and learning a lot too!  I have decided to name the series “Selfies” since this has become such an interesting aspect of out culture.)

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More Collage

Hey Guys,

just a quick post today with some more collage, but this time these are much newer ones looking at the theme that’s going to be behind my second series to do with Red, the subtle ‘RED II’ dealing with the more malevolent side of the colour red.  Hope you guys enjoy!


Collage Scan Edit  'Collage #1' Collage Scan Edit 'Out the Red Door and Upon the Redbrick Stairs' Collage Scan Edit.  'Collage Study for Painting; could be called White Halo' Scan Edit 'Collage Study for Lightening #4'

A Look Behind my Paintings

Hey guys,

I thought it is about time that I showed you a little of the extensive collaging and all-round sketching-out process I do before I begin a painting and or a series of paintings.  Because my work is so interested in the fashion world therefore I like to take images from its own culture and appropriate them into my work as a sort of visual commentary, so if you recognise a figure in one of my paintings that’s a really good thing, because then you can stand upon that knowledge and contextualize the added pieces of information that the painting will also communicate to you.  So here is a few collages that I have scanned through the computer for you, these may then be printed out and re-worked, cut up, have colour added or taken away!  I love this process, and I’m sure you can imagine that it takes a lot of time which indeed it does!  However it also allows me to work out what I am saying with each picture, then by the time I start painting a collage, it then enters a sort of expressionistic phase where I respond to the often coldness or flatness of the picture and express how I feel about what I am portraying, so these images go through quite a process before they are finished and generally they look a lot different to the collage piece you will see here.  So I hope you enjoy this little insight into my working process and I hope to put some more stuff up again, very soon, cheers.


Collage Scan Edit Final Painting Concept #16 'One Big RED Family' Collage Scan Edit 'Possible Painting Study for RED from Collage #1 'Collage Scan Edit. 'Possible Painting Study for RED from Collage #4'

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A Further Look at Some Work in Progress

Well, unfortunately I don’t have much time on my hands at the moment, I’ve been spending almost every waking moment working upon paintings for my exhibition, or running around delivering flyers, putting up posters and inviting people to the opening.

I thought it would be great to share another picture with you; it is a snapshot of a painting for the exhibition.  I hope you enjoy the small snippet of what I have been working on, and until next time, cheers.


Current Work in Prog.  'Red Right Hand' Preview Shot

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