Artist’s Statement

Jared Fountain

Often when I think of my practice, I tend to view myself more as a composer rather than a painter although it is visual language I compose, not music.  My paintings serve as allegory and icon both personal and social, through the collection of cultural and sub-cultural experiences from the past and present.  The artwork I make depicts symbolic scene, figure and character, reflecting upon an outcast, debauched, bohemian attitude, juxtaposed with symbolic and metaphorical icons of beauty and hope.  Seen together within the context of a series, my paintings create a melody/narrative with one piece revealing the other, rooted within the marrying of street art, collage and realism.  Revealing a perspective on contrasting identity, I express these ideas through my own growing typeology. The figurative characterisation and meaning all has autobiographical roots, often showing the internal dynamic about what it is to be an artist in contemporary times.  I have works in private collections throughout most of Australia.


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