Big News

Well its been a while since my last post and that has been partially because I have just been signed up with a commercial art gallery on the Gold Coast, one I have been a fan of for a really long time! The Gallery is called 19 Karen and you can find them at and their Facebook page is  so please go check them out!

In other news I really have just been so busy making artwork that my usage of the internet has fallen  to the wayside which is not good, so I will be drastically updating this blog/site with new pictures and information as the next few days etc. go by.

I have just been blessed by 19 Karen in that they have allowed myself and four other new artists be a part of one of their major shows for March, so I will be filling you in with more images from that night which was just recently on March 1st courtesy of the gallery.

So keep ready because I have a whole backlog of especially images to post up on this site and its going to be exciting to share them with you all, cheers,

Jared Fountain

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2 thoughts on “Big News

  1. How exciting ! Congratulations : you really deserve it because you’re immensely talented !

    • Thanks again, cant thank you enough for always staying in touch with my blog it really means a lot!
      I hope you can find me on facebook too, as you may have read I just opened a proper artists account there too, so you will be able to see other works first there too! Look forward to hearing back from you, cheers!
      BTW loving your beautiful fashion posts!

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