More Collage

Hey Guys,

just a quick post today with some more collage, but this time these are much newer ones looking at the theme that’s going to be behind my second series to do with Red, the subtle ‘RED II’ dealing with the more malevolent side of the colour red.  Hope you guys enjoy!


Collage Scan Edit  'Collage #1' Collage Scan Edit 'Out the Red Door and Upon the Redbrick Stairs' Collage Scan Edit.  'Collage Study for Painting; could be called White Halo' Scan Edit 'Collage Study for Lightening #4'


4 thoughts on “More Collage

  1. This is truly stunning ! I appreciate the fact that you showcase the darker side of the colour red for your 2nd series ! I’m pretty obsessed with dichotomy, both in life and in art, and reworking these images to reveal a more malevolent feel is a fabulous concept ! Thanks for your Christmas greetings ! Enjoy the festive season with your friends and family !

    • Thanks you too!! Yeah I love that too, ive really become a little obsessed with the Fashion World it intrigue’s me a lot, coming as someone who has never before even dabbled in a hint of fashion, I have become really interested in it and the beauty within it, its become like a super colourful drug in a way haha. So I can understand how people love it so much because there simply just isn’t the same level of beauty in art any more these days, and that’s what people really want; is beauty whether its light side or the elegant, decadent darker side. What do you think?

      • It’s funny that you talk about art not being as beautiful as it used to be, because I’ve worked as an art documentalist, for 4 years, but got bored, and then I’ve become a fashion documentalist, and, 12 years after, I’m still addicted to fashion, and always excited by the glamorous (light or dark) side of it ! I can spend hours reading fashion magazines and websites or watching Fashion TV (so, yes, it’s like a drug !), because I long for beauty, more and more each day, especially when I see so many ugly behaviours in everyday life ! At the end of the day, fashion still makes me dream, and I guess, with the world getting tougher and tougher, that’s what we all want : dream big ! So, I’m going to wish you a very arty and dreamy Christmas !

      • Thankyou very much and the same to you! I loved your reply by the way, very interesting!

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