A Look Behind my Paintings

Hey guys,

I thought it is about time that I showed you a little of the extensive collaging and all-round sketching-out process I do before I begin a painting and or a series of paintings.  Because my work is so interested in the fashion world therefore I like to take images from its own culture and appropriate them into my work as a sort of visual commentary, so if you recognise a figure in one of my paintings that’s a really good thing, because then you can stand upon that knowledge and contextualize the added pieces of information that the painting will also communicate to you.  So here is a few collages that I have scanned through the computer for you, these may then be printed out and re-worked, cut up, have colour added or taken away!  I love this process, and I’m sure you can imagine that it takes a lot of time which indeed it does!  However it also allows me to work out what I am saying with each picture, then by the time I start painting a collage, it then enters a sort of expressionistic phase where I respond to the often coldness or flatness of the picture and express how I feel about what I am portraying, so these images go through quite a process before they are finished and generally they look a lot different to the collage piece you will see here.  So I hope you enjoy this little insight into my working process and I hope to put some more stuff up again, very soon, cheers.


Collage Scan Edit Final Painting Concept #16 'One Big RED Family' Collage Scan Edit 'Possible Painting Study for RED from Collage #1 'Collage Scan Edit. 'Possible Painting Study for RED from Collage #4'

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2 thoughts on “A Look Behind my Paintings

  1. This is breathtaking ! I particularly like your use of saturated colors on the 2nd artwork, and how you totally reinvent an already powerful fashion image ! Have a very artistic Christmas and keep on the awesome work !

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