Exchanghibition Bank Projects: Artist Exhibition Interactive Performance Series

Wow, I found this whole concept really interesting, definitely worth a look!

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I received this amazing email recently. Enjoy! and perhaps reading will spark ideas of your own.
hey Marie Kazalia
I noticed this page of yours about Money and Art – http://pinterest.com/mariekazalia/money-art/ – and thought you might be interested in my Art as Money project, so decided to send you some pics, text and links…….
here below I copy-pasted some links and text
A bit over two years ago I started my own bank as an artist – the Exchanghibition Bank. It’s a traveling bank booth, which pops up at many places. Some of them are cultural, such as the Rijks-, Boijmans and Stedelijk Museum, or Paradiso. Others are very public, such as Amsterdam Central Station, Occupy, or even shopping centers. Visitors can exchange their money for our banknotes of Zero, Million, Infinite, and others.
Short 90 second video showing a bit more: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6d0CvhFSto
The bank has also traveled to the…

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