A Further Look at Some Work in Progress

Well, unfortunately I don’t have much time on my hands at the moment, I’ve been spending almost every waking moment working upon paintings for my exhibition, or running around delivering flyers, putting up posters and inviting people to the opening.

I thought it would be great to share another picture with you; it is a snapshot of a painting for the exhibition.  I hope you enjoy the small snippet of what I have been working on, and until next time, cheers.


Current Work in Prog.  'Red Right Hand' Preview Shot

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6 thoughts on “A Further Look at Some Work in Progress

  1. This is really powerful ! Was it inspiRED by Sasha Pivovarova’s “Juicy Couture” ad ? Cheers !!!

    • YES it was!! im so glad you picked that up, I like to use pop images from magazines and make them a ‘one of a kind’ artwork. Sort of like the reverse of what Andy Warhol did. That Juicy Couture ad I thought was really beautiful too. Thanks for noticing 🙂

  2. Hi JaRED, today I have published a post, which highlights a RED dress, to celebrate the opening of your “RED” exhibition !

    • Hi, oh thankyou sooo much!!! You didn’t have to do that, wow, well I will be sure to repay your kindness in any many some how, please let me know if you need something etc etc. Thanks again greatly appreciated!, its such a shame that you live so far away and are unable to come and see the show, the opening went really well and was a success which I am very thankful for. Kind regards, Jared

      • So happy to read that the opening was a success : that’s all I needed to know, really ! And you know what ? I’m grateful that great artists like you take the time to check out my blog ! Enjoy your success, Jared !

  3. My pleasure! I think your blog is really great, and I love the insight that you have on the fashion world, I think its really interesting and your insights are always welcome with regards to my art, because it is so predominantly dealing with the fashion world and all of its power and prestige etc etc. that I would really love to hear your insights into my work because it seems to me that you do have much more of a grasp upon that which I am communicating through the medium of ‘fashion culture, & fashion imagery etc.) so yea thanks so much! By the way I have just a couple of seconds ago uploaded images from the exhibition RED which we have been talking about, so I would love for you to have a look and to tell me what you think! Cheers, Jared. (PS: the new pics are in the gallery section of my blog…)

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