A Little About ‘RED’….

I thought I had better perhaps just let a little slip about ‘RED’ before the exhibition opens; the idea for calling the exhibition RED came to me quite a while ago actually, I think it must have been around November 2012, the colour red is a perfect emotive word that compresses and distils a whole heap of thought and feeling that I have for some time now wanted to communicate.  The show is premised around a loose narrative of personal sensibility and social interests, and in particular the casting of the fashion world as an iconographic medium to express my own ideas etc.  When the show became more set in stone, I wasn’t sure whether I should still call it RED after seeing that Taylor Swift had just released an album under that name, however the word simply holds too much of an affinity with what I wish to express, and therefore I hope people can see what it is I am trying to communicate under the banner of that word, and see it independently from Taylor Swifts own ‘claim’ upon the word.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I will be sure to keep updating events and details as they unfold, cheers, Jared.

RED Title Icon (Origin Material)

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2 thoughts on “A Little About ‘RED’….

  1. “Red” is such a powerful word which expresses passion (no wonder it’s Valentino’s obsession !). I wish you all the best for your exhibition ! Thank you so much for the follow, Jared (what a beautiful name !). Artistic greetings from Marseille, France !

    • Hi, a big thanks from Australia! Im so happy that you have looked at my blog all the way over the world in France, I have always adored France and a dream of mine is to visit Paris one day. Red is absolutely about passion and I think that perhaps that is why I have always been so mysteriously attracted to it. Thanks a lot for you comment and its a pleasure to follow your blog!

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