Inside the Studio

Hey people, thanks for coming to my blog, I hope you enjoy having a look around at what I do and I also hope that my artwork resonates with you personally on some level.

Today I thought it would be good to kick off with the first of what I want to be a series of blogs dedicated to shedding some light on my studio and working area.  I can only speak for myself, however I know that I have often in the past been really interested in looking at an artists working space, for example I found a book at University a little while ago, and it was a series of photos of Francis Bacon’s studio.  I was certainly curious, and as I looked through all the photos I was fascinated by Bacon’s studio and what it revealed about him.  So in the same spirit I would like to share a few photos with you that I took just before the beginning of 2013 (I think..) of my studio, and then sometime in the near future I will share some more recent pics.



Studio ShotStudio Shot #1 Studio Shot #2 Studio Shot #3

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