The ‘All – In’ Group Exhibition Opening Night

Hi, well first I should quickly mention that my inactivity on this blog for the last couple of weeks is due to my being overloaded with an enormous amount of artwork to do for my upcoming solo show in July, as well as juggling a number of assignments and assessments for university.  But without further ado, I would like to present to you some photos of the recently held ‘All – In’ group exhibition held here in Toowoomba by the Grid artspace, and also a big thanks to them for sharing their pics from the night.  The show was a great success, and I was/am glad to have been part of it, although I could only contribute 2 works to the show.  The exhibition also got quite a good wrap in the paper which is great.

You will be able to find all of the photos from the night underneath the exhibitions menu.



Title Wall Shot

My painting "Shades of Grey" is in the bottom left corner of this shot

My painting “Shades of Grey” is in the bottom left corner of this shot

Floor Shot #5Floor shot #1Wall Shot #3Floor Shot #4


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