Exhibition 2014 – ‘Enrapture’

Hi there, I thought I would share with my readers, a new exhibition concept that I have started working on this year called ‘Enrapture.’  Enrapture is going to be a group exhibition in Brisbane including myself and four of my fellow artists from Toowoomba whom I admire, their names I will post at a later date.  The following statement is my proposal for the gallery regarding my own take on the exhibition theme Enrapture.  Cheers, Jared.


Artist’s Statement

Jared Fountain


en·rap·tured, en·rap·tur·ing.

to move to rapture; delight beyond measure: We were enraptured by her singing.


The body of work (2 – 3 paintings) I propose for the exhibition “Enrapture” is to be a lyrical embracing of the narrative inherant in painting.  The paintings themselves will be large enough that they may physically ‘sing’ to the viewer and with bold colour and expression delight their eyes.  My paintings, figurative in nature, will combine symbol and a visual typeology cast with icons from mythology, Christianity and contemporary fashion.  And through such a language the viewer will be presented with different states and circumstances of beatification, the story of personal ascension and the human capability for beauty; the acquisition of true love ‘caritas.’

My work expresses this through both an internal and social paradigm, the experience of the artist and its place in community.  The contrast between the saint and sinner and the progression in-between; what is the difference between the hopeful downtrodden, and the elation of a soul ravished with joy of progression, enraptured by love.


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