Some Great Links

It has been a few days or more since my last post, and for that I am admittedly feeling a little slack.  I have been working quite hard lately on paintings for my solo show in July, which is getting closer and closer very quickly.  I do have some more recent pictures to show of the progress I am making with some of my paintings, and I hope to post them asap, but in the meantime I thought it would be good to put up some links to some of the interesting cultural bodies (artist run  initiatives etc…) at work in and around my local area; Toowoomba.
Surprisingly Toowoomba is actually Australia’s largest inland or regional city, so we are somewhat distant from the larger cultural happenings of the major cities, and therefore Toowoomba has its own unique scene of artists and events.  Toowoomba is a great example of what can be done if you are really willing to get out there and make things happen!

Cheers, Jared.!/kontraband.tbar

Some artists:




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