Some More Works in Progress!

I have been working really hard lately to finish work for a group show that opens next week at the Grid Artspace here in Toowoomba, and also for my solo show coming up in July.  Ive managed to take a few photos of some of the work I have been doing, the images are not the greatest quality as I took them quickly on my iphone, so my apologies there.  The first image is of the painting that I shared in my last post, but as you can see I have developed it much more, it is from last week, the painting is now finished but is at the gallery (the Grid) waiting to be displayed as part of the group exhibition next week.  I will be sure to have it professionally photographed and documented after the exhibition, then I will post it up here online so everyone can see its beginning and end.  Also; I am getting quite excited at the moment by the third painting, it seems to be coming along well!  Cheers, Jared.Eg. Current Work In Prog.  'Shades of Gray' #3  Photo dated 11.12.12. Jared Fountain
Eg.  Current Work in Prog.  'Blake Study' #1.  Jared FountainEg.  Current Work in Prog.  'Nevermore's Lenore' #7 Jared Fountain


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